1.  Female Hair Cut

$35 and up -- 45 minutes to 1 hour

A relaxing shampoo and conditioning using the best organic products, followed by a cut and blow out that promises to wow!

2.  Male Hair Cut

$20 and up -- 30 to 45 minutes

Shampoo, cut and style will leave you feeling unstoppable. (Yes, guys, you get that fabulous scalp massage too!)

3.  Partial Highlight

$65 and up -- 1.5 to 2 hours

A partial is perfect to give you that pop of bright you've been missing, or a add a little drama! The top and sides will be kissed with color leaving your underneath a naturally darker hue.

4.  Full Highlight

$80 and up -- 2 to 2.5 hours

Create a whole new look on your entire head! Brighten up the underneath or change your overall color with some highlights. And don't for get that the low light can be just as enriching.

5.  All Over (1 process) Color

$45 and up -- 1.5 to 2 hours

All over color is best for covering EVERY grey or changing your look completely. A caution though, with an all over color comes more up keep.

6.  Toner

$20 and up -- 1 hour

A toner can be used to fix, change or enhance. It is a semi- permanent color that will fade out, leaving less of a grow out line and leaving your hair feel like it was just deeply conditioned!

7.  Keratin Treatment (1 and 4 months)

1 month: $65 -- 1 hour

4 months: $200 -- 2 hours

Both of these treatments are INCREDIBLE! Stop the frizz, cut out some of the curl... or for those of us who just like sleek and healthy, cut your blow dry time in half! This deep conditioner leaves your hair feeling whole again, literally. Keratin fills the "holes" in your hair to create a sleek and healthy hair strand. Cutting down frizz and curl, and giving you a sleek look you barely have to work for.

8.  Perm

$65 and up -- 1-2 hours

It's true, they're still out there, and some of us can't live with out them! Give your hair a little bend or a lot of curl. Perms have come a long way since the 80's ladies! (And gentlemen!)

9.  Blow Out

$30 and up -- 30 to 45 minutes

Hate to spend the time blowing out your hair? Then DON'T-- We will do it for you! Come in for a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage, maybe even a little detox treatment. Then let us blow dry and style your hair to give you the volume, curl, or sleek look you want.

10.  Special Occasion Hair Style

$50 and up -- 1 to 2 hours

Weddings, proms, birthdays... Any special event you need us for, we're here for you! All up, half up, you name it and we'll be happy to do it for you!

11.  Detoxification / Hydration Conditioning Treatment

$35 -- 1 hour

This amazing treatment leaves your hair brighter, cleaner, detoxed from build up, hydrated and healthy! Created to attach to and remove particles that shouldn't not be built up on the hair, this detox leaves you free of build up-- but not free of the color we just put in! Safe, effective and ORGANIC!


1.  Express Manicure

$15 -- 30 minutes

The express is exactly that! A quick clean up, a little shaping, a little massage, and fresh coat of you're favorite color!. Perfect for the guest who has a tight schedule!

2.  Spa Manicure

$20 and up -- 1 hour

One hour of cuticle work, massage, and a fabulous coat of your favorite color.

3.  Spa Manicure with Paraffin

$25 and up -- 1 hour 15 minutes

Winter hands feeling dry and cracked? This manicures for you! In addition to your massaged hands and arms, your hydrated cuticles and your fabulous polish, your hands will be engulfed in a hydrating warm paraffin, leaving your hands softer and smoother.

4.  Express Pedicure

$25 -- 30 minutes

The perfect pedicure for the up-kept foot! A little scrub, a little file, a little massage and your favorite color. This pedicure gives you a great touch up for a small price and a quick turn around!

5.  Spa Pedicure

$40 and up -- 1 hour

6.  Spa Pedicure with Paraffin

$45 and up -- 1 hour 15 minutes

7.  Manicure with Shellac

$30 and up -- 1 hour 15 minutes

8.  French Manicure

$25 and up -- 1 hour 15 minutes

9.  Gel Nails (full set with length),

   Gel Nails (full set, no length added),

   Re- Gel (fill),

   Nail Repair)

$5 -- 15 min


1.  European Facial

$50 -- 1 hour

2.  Corrective Facial

$60 -- 1 hour 15 minutes

3.  Deluxe Spa Facial with Foot Soak

$60 -- 1.5 hours

4.  Gentleman's Facial

$50 -- 1 hour

5.  Microdermabrasion

$55 -- 30 minutes

Can be added to the European or Deluxe Facial.


1.  Brow$15 -- 15 min

2.  Lip$15 -- 15 min

3.  Full Face$ -- 30 min

4.  Partial Face$ -- 30 min

5.  Half Arms$ -- 30 min

6.  Full Arms$ -- 45 min

7.  Half Legs$ -- 45 min

8.  Full Legs$ -- 1 hour

9.  Bikini$ -- 45 min

10.  Brazilian$ -- 1 hour


1.  30 Minute Massage$30

2.  60 Minute Massage$60

3.  90 Minute Massage$90

4.  Pre-Natal Massage$65


3.  Full Body Spray Tan$30 -- 30 min

3.  Teeth Whitening$149 -- 1 hour